Viktor Knox

Viktor Knox is the Pack Leader of the West. What is technically the Northwest. (Pack territory map to come.)

We first hear about Viktor in Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter. This is also the book we first meet him too.

The first time we hear of Viktor is here in this passage. Chapter 44, paragraph 46.

Patrick appeared in the corner with his fatherly smile. “Ask Cage about his father’s old friend, Viktor.”

The first time we see him is in this passage. Chapter 47, paragraph 10

A shadow appeared behind the glass doors. Kat squeezed Julian’s hand until she heard cracking and felt Julian glare at her. She paid him no mind, too scared of what was to come, what her daughter faced, of leaving her with this man.

And here in the next 4 paragraphs.

Viktor’s scent soaked through her before he opened the door. Kat took a deep breath, inhaling and memorizing the man’s distinct, warm musky scent. Allowing the scent to ease within her, every nuance that made him who he was.

The scent she would hunt if this went south.

The scent of a werewolf. The odor wasn’t as terrible as she had imagined. No, it was rather warm and inviting. Tilting her head, she noticed the way it engulfed the man. The door swung inward and Kat’s teeth elongated. The power emanating off him told her this, this was the man who would take her daughter from her. Who would never allow her to see Kylarra again.

A deep rumble crept across toward Viktor but he didn’t flinch. In fact, he smiled. At her? He dare smile at her? He thought this entire moment amusing?

Author Note – I never noticed before that I didn’t describe Viktor as normal. I’d been working to do the manual descriptions, “he was such and such height, this hair color,” but in this situation I think I purposely held off. If you see I mention him as shadow, then power. Seems when I wrote this I wanted to pull back on him since he wasn’t a part of this story, but just give him an “elusive” description. Let the reader decide what “strong wolf leader,” meant in their own mind.

Viktor Knox is old friends with Stefan from the Enchanting the Moon series. Stefan wanted to give Viktor full command of all packs in the US, but he chose to deny the position. His reasons? Wanting to spend time with his daughter Kylarra, and not be overburdened with running packs. A life that Stefan understood well being the King.

We see in many examples throughout multiple books that Kylarra became a grounding force for her father. He makes mention of it plenty, Kylarra has too. That he was a lot like Verrick and when Kylarra came into his life, he chose her. He chose raising her to the chance to command such a large group of wolves. He knew he’d be constantly on the move, constantly gone, and he chose her.

Stefan knew what Viktor was. Knew he had the potential for being a great leader so he made a deal with him, “I will break down the US into four territories. If you will lead the West. Help me come up with rules for all. You have always had a good head. I need men I can trust.”

Viktor agreed and the new packs were born. Well, not that there were packs at that time. At that time they were beginning and Stefan was attempting to figure out how to incorporate the territories, how best to handle it all. He had some, like Ryker, who adamantly refused to be a Pack Leader. Others, like Gareth, who were not fit to lead a pack.

Viktor sees a lot of himself in Verrick, which is why he tries so hard to give Verrick that steady hand. We see it here in this passage in Blood By Night. Chapter 1, paragraph 53.

Hoping to offer some sort of advice to Verrick that he never received from Gareth, Viktor said, “That’s something for you to learn. You can’t always get what you want that easy. You won’t with her. Respect her and she will give you the respect you don’t deserve. Otherwise? She will only fight.”

He knows Verrick is capable of being a decent leader. Most likely another reason he pairs Kylarra with him. Not just because Verrick was going to take that position. Because deep down Viktor knew that deep in there? Deep inside Verrick? Was a great leader.

It’s proven in the end that despite everything else, Viktor chooses the path he does because of just what he thinks of Verrick. A position that in the end proves fruitful, and perhaps chosen by fate/the gods all along? No telling.

But we get a clear vision in the end, of everything Viktor was, and everything he believes Verrick to be.

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2 thoughts on “Viktor Knox”

  1. Love these character profiles. The summary of Viktor reminded me just how important his role in the stories was. Never get tired of digging into DMDU!

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    1. A lot of these are what I’d posted to another site I was working to build. I liked how I did this one though so kept it as it, and just added some information. Think I may do more later for him, and others, adding where we see them.


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