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Come in, explore, get to know others & learn. We encourage discussion, but do be cautious. There lurk far more dangerous creatures as well. The King and Queen of the Awakened keep a close eye. I do not wish to incur their wrath nor do I believe you would either. I ask that you not cross that line of respect we all abide by.

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe is the paranormal romance/dark fantasy world in which Kimberly Sue Iverson’s four series takes place. Each series stands alone, but they are all connected in more ways than one. At the end of this page you’ll find a detailed list for where each story and series stands in the world.

As of August 2018 this world is estimated to be over a million words & still growing.

Where I cannot be of assistance, I shall defer to one of the others. There will be stories shared, lineages, Q&A & far more beyond that.

If you have a request, feel free to share in the community tab. If something is amiss let us know. Ask us questions if you like. I cannot promise all will be as open as the rest. Kimberly will attempt to remain as active as her schedule allows. Get active, be active, you may receive a surprise from time to time.

Kat & Julian

If you came here after finishing the Dark Illusions series and would like to continue that path, their story picks up in the Eternal Souls Universe series. If you would like to follow the path their daughter Kylarra takes before that time (in the years between), her story continues with the Dynasty of Moirae series.

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Julian and Kat December 2015

October 2020 note – This story is best read after Dark Illusions, before Dynasty of Moirae. Truthfully it could be read at any time if you don’t mind spoilers. Just a note for those who don’t enjoy spoilers.  December 2015 note – Last night, as I was headed to bed, I happened to have Kat…

Cage – Elukkar Clan

Author Note – Was trying to find some sort of image to represent the character I’m writing right now – Cage in Birth of a Princess. This is best I could do. This guy resembles him a lot, down to the bike he’s on. Cage has his own custom bike he’s always piddling with. Cage…

Mila & Stefan 
(Enchantress & Lycaen)

If you came here after finishing the Enchanting the Moon series and would like to continue the Stefan and Mila trail, their story picks up in the Eternal Souls Universe series. Or, follow her and her best friend Kylarra’s antics in the Dynasty of Moirae series.

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Stefan and Mina/Mila’s castle

Stefan, take it away. I wanted a home Mina could feel safe in. She’d spent so long victim to Holt’s frights that when I searched for a home where we could build a family, I wanted to find a space she knew – he would never again be able to destroy her peace. It wasn’t…

Kylarra & Verrick 
(Lycaen & Beast)

If you came here after finishing the Dynasty of Moirae series and would like to continue the Kylarra and Verrick trail, their story picks up in the Eternal Souls Universe series. Or, feel free to see what Kylarra and Mila are up to in Mila’s series, which is the Enchanting the Moon series.

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All Characters 
All Creatures

If you came here after finishing the Dark Illusions series, the Enchanting the Moon series, and the Dynasty of Moirae series and would like to continue the trail of all story lines, then you’ll want to head to the Eternal Souls Universe series. All characters converge and new ones enter who’ve been here the whole time, they’ve just been a shadow in the midst. We see familiar faces come together, others who’ve served their purpose say goodbye, and it all comes together in this series that will decide the fate and purpose of all involved. The lines all come together to form the web of life that has been interweaving all this time, and things will be answered that have been sitting there waiting for the pieces to form.

If you’re ready, read the final series in this world (far from the last books), Eternal Souls Universe, and find out what it has all been about.

Read the first chapters below

Recent posts for Eternal Souls Universe

War of the Lycaen Chapter One

Thousands of sounds assaulted Kylarra Knox’s senses. Breathing from something nearby. Her own heart boom . . . boom . . . boom. . . . Blood rushed through her veins like water through pipes. She attempted to adjust her body. Her bare flesh scraped across the damp ground. A shiver wracked her body. They…

Discovery of an Enchantress Chapter One

Previously in Claiming the Enchantress “Kylarra will bring war upon the vampires and won’t stop there until all the magical races are destroyed,” Mila stated. “Do you think she has that sort of sway?” Stefan asked, confused. “She will when the ancient creature inside of her wakes.” “Then we need to find her. Now.” Now…

Fury of a Queen Chapter One

“My Queen, there’s something at Inferno you need to see. Sooner, rather than later.” “Bradon, give me a good reason for rushing down there,” Kat sighed. “You were supposed to have a night out. Away from me.” She’d assumed Bradon and the others were going out for time on their own. Now here he was calling…

Check out the songs that inspired Kimberly with the DMDU Playlist below. Listen to music you’ll find playing at Inferno, the music that embodies the world itself as well. Save to your own lists to listen to later. More songs to come.

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If you would like to follow the stories in order of their time, then this image shows where they take place.

Note – this timeline is not in publishing order. It is their world time.

Everything is connected to everything else. All ties exist and loop back and forth within these books & the series. There really is no right or wrong path here. All paths intertwine in a magical web of life.

Disclaimer: This is a site intended for entertainment purposes only.

This site is under constant change. Blips and bloops are randomly to be found, a weird little creature might be lurking about. If something is missing, or error occurs, report it on the error page.

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